Everything we do at JPL depends upon a set of people and principles that are remarkably down-to-Earth. The fundamentals of leadership, management, and organizational operations are what allow us to be ambitious, passionate, and daring in our work. Without a firm foundation, you can never get off the ground.

If you want to be better, you focus on what you do best. At JPL, Business Administration Managers assist our technical managers in all things financial and operational. That lets our tech leaders devote more time to their projects and their teams.

My favorite thing is being surrounded by so many brilliant people who are just so down to Earth.

-Jonathan M., Cost Accountant


Job Title Category Discipline
HR Customer Support III Human Resources HR Administration
HR Support IV Human Resources HR Administration
Staff Assistant II Institutional Administrative Operations Office Operations

At any given time, our people are doing countless different things in many locations. This doesn’t work unless there is a core of people overseeing operations. Do we have the resources we need? Are projects proceeding on schedule? Are problems being addressed? Like any large organization, we depend upon our business operations team to keep the ship on course.

I love hearing people accept our job offers. It represents the start of an exciting new chapter in their lives and I can’t wait to see what they accomplish when they get here.

-Tony T., Talent Acquisition Operations Manager


Job Title Category Discipline
HR Program Representative III Human Resources HR Generalist
Project Schedule Analyst IV, Mars Sample Return SRL Financial and Business Operations Schedule Analysis

Sharing what we discover and learn is a big part of our obligation to the nation and all of humankind. This is a multi-faceted challenge—sharing news, telling our stories in a variety of visual media, fostering education, and advocating for our work and causes. Our Emmy-Award-winning creative teams have sparked the world’s interest in space and continue to inspire generations to come.


Job Title Category Discipline
Web Designer II Communications Graphics Design

Protecting our people, missions and spacecraft is a major key to our success. Our safety and mission success teams analyze, predict, anticipate, and mitigate risk and respond to the unexpected. We guard and ensure success of all aspects of JPL.

I attended JPL’s Open House when I was younger, and that experience inspired me to pursue a career in aerospace. I hope to do the same for others.

-Amy T., Systems Analyst


Job Title Category Discipline
Senior Cybersecurity Assurance Engineer Software and Computing Systems Software Assurance
Senior AWS Security Engineer Software and Computing Systems Cyber Defense Software Engineering
Personnel Security Assistant II Protective Services Security Services
National Security Program Office - Mission System System Engineer Engineering Systems
Information Systems Security Officer III Software and Computing Systems IT Security Engineering

"I heard many good stories about the Lab in the foothills of Pasadena. I heard that it was a great place to work, and some of the best minds work there."

-Steve B., Senior Technical Recruiter