As our name implies, JPL is a laboratory in the best sense of the word. We like doing the “impossible.” We start with ideas for scientific investigations, then turn them into groundbreaking missions.

Our role as an operating division of Caltech profoundly shapes the intellectual environment, while our relationship with NASA instills a sense of mission. Together, they allow us to serve the greater good. As our vision states, “We serve the nation by exploring space in pursuit of discoveries that benefit humanity.”

Technologies developed for space missions routinely yield benefits in our everyday lives here on Earth. Textbooks on astronomy and Earth sciences are filled with chapters written and rewritten from our explorations. Data pouring back from our machine emissaries in space enables the work of countless scientists as we learn more about the universe, the solar system, and life itself.

Part of the thrill of being at JPL is working with the experts in their fields. Our campus in the Southern California foothills fosters plenty of broadband intellectual exchanges through both planned and chance encounters with colleagues. Over time, such relationships have forged a culture that binds JPLers together—and sets them apart from everything else.